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Jewel Miah

A Strong Local Voice on Big National Issues.

Jewel's Pledges To You:

A Strong Voice for Loughborough

Jewel is from Loughborough and he knows the everyday issues that affect ordinary residents as they affect him and his family too. He will stand up for what matters and promises to stand by the pledges he makes. He is opposed to a hard Brexit and wants a deal that protects Jobs, your rights at work and allows access to the single market - Leaving Europe on good terms.

Economic Security, Jobs and Dignity in Retirement

Jewel understands the Economy; he has experience in running a multi-million pound business and knows that a strong economy is the heartbeat of our country and its future prosperity. He gets it. However the economy has to work for everyone and not just for those at the top. Labour will protect the triple lock for pensioners and introduce a minimum wage of £10 per hour for workers.

A Secure and well-funded NHS and High Quality Social Care

  • Secure NHS funding
  • Reduce A&E waiting times
  • Better access to your GP
  • More money for essential Social Care

A Future Bright for Everyone

  • Stop the £3bn cuts to school funding proposed by the Conservatives
  • Free school meals to all primary school children
  • Scrap University Tuition Fees

Safe and Secure Neighbourhoods

  • 10,000 more police officers to tackle increasing crime
  • Tougher sentences for criminals
  • Work directly with the Police and Crime commissioner to tackle Burglaries, violent crimes and Anti-Social behaviour

A Home for All

  • More affordable homes built in the right places
  • Secure tenancies for long term tenants
  • No building on the green belt and outside village boundaries
  • Mandatory licensing of Houses of Multiple Occupation

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